adalee222 (adalee222) wrote in ygo_gx_fanfic,

A GX yaoi fanfic idea

I was too lazy and incompetent to write an English fanfiction. So people, if you want, feel free to take all or part of the idea!

1. Dr. Misawa and Judai's lesson aka how to get Judai to know all about romantic relationships and more
Summary: Bastion seems to know how to solve any difficult problem. So naturally he ask Bastion what to do when he start having weird feelings and dreams about Manjyome. Leading to a gay porn show, a few shocking facts, a whole sex ed and more.
Shocking facts: 1. Judai had watched a lot of porno because his father bought a lot of them. But naive Judai think it was some kinda wrestling!
2. Misawa have lube, gay porn and condom for "educational purpose" only. He is a straight guy.
3. Judai decided to put it in a reality check, sequel?
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